How To Write A Solid Descriptive Essay Topic Sentence: Professional Tips

f you want to write a solid descriptive essay then coming up with Impressive topic sentence is something you will have to master. It will be the first thing that the reader will read properly. Many readers are known to skip the first parts of the essay to start with the paragraphs and the topic sentence is the first thing written on the paragraph. Even if they read the things you write before actually starting the essay, still the topic sentence will play a big role in creating their initial impression.

Some tips to write a good topic sentence

  • It should be simple and straightforward. It should be constructed with simple, easy to understand words.
  • The subject of your writing should be written clearly and the message should be carried across to the readers swiftly through the sentence. The topic and your opinion on it should be first and foremost thing that will make up the topic sentence.
  • The sentence will have to be edgy with a hint of mystery. You will have to grab your reader’s attention and make them read the rest of the essay. You can structure it so that the sentence will raise questions in the reader’s mind. Or you can write it in such a way that it will pique the reader’s interest. Once the reader takes notice, he is sure to read through the rest of the paper.
  • It should not contain all the vital information in your paper. You want the reader to read the rest after the sentence. You do not want the reader to know everything just by reading the topic sentence. So keep the most important part of the information from the topic sentence. The rest you can put in.
  • A good rule of thumb in making a topic sentence interesting is using details. The right amount of detail will draw the reader’s attention.
  • Do not start the paper as a personal account. Do not write it is ‘my opinion’ or ‘in my view’. You are writing an essay and not your diary. Since it is descriptive essay a good description of the topic will be helpful rather than your own observation.
  • Although you cannot write it as a personal account you can give your own opinion at the end of the sentence. Make it sound like a recommendation.

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