5 Interesting Narrative Essays Topics You Should Use

When you are assigned to write a narrative essay, making it interesting is the most important part. Even though the essay is mostly about you or your life, a great topic will really get the creative juices flowing. Some of the most interesting topics you could use include the following five topics:

  1. If I Could Go Back In Time
  2. The profound impact meeting a total stranger had on your entire life
  3. An experience that made you feel disillusioned
  4. My most difficult decision
  5. The day I decided to change my life

You can choose one of the above interesting topics or use one of them to make your own. For example, you could change #1 a little to be: I would go back to 1941 because… (And then insert your reason.) You see, it’s really not all that difficult to come up with a topic that’s both interesting and unique!

Remember in this type of essay, you are telling a story. It’s all about your thoughts, opinions, life and experiences. Spin a really good story. It should be captivating and exciting. Don’t hold back. Stick to your topic and really fill it in with the details the reader is yearning to hear. Use details that invoke and involve the senses: sight, smell, taste, feel and so on.

Use sensory details to get the reader involved and feeling they are deeply into your story. Use vivid verbs and descriptive adjectives. The essay is told from a defined point of view – yours. Make sure your “story” has a plot, setting, characters and ending. Make sure your details are selected carefully to support or even embellish the story.

Narrative essays should:

  • Be told from a specific point of view
  • Make a point and support it
  • Be filled with precise details
  • Sometimes use dialogue, when appropriate
  • Have conflict and follow a sequence
  • Involve the reader in the story

Your essay will probably be written in the first person, using the word I. However, third person could be used, such as “she, he or it.” Some essay writing instructors will tell you it is okay to make things up. That may sound ridiculous, but what it really means is you are the story-teller, so tell a good story! Write about what you would do in a certain situation. There are no wrong answers, because it’s entirely up to you.


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