Essay Examples: a Model of a Good Writing or a Threat to Your Creativeness?

Writing essays can be a challenge. Not everyone has a gift for writing. Some do much better with numbers but can’t stand the writing part of school. Others love to write but as they get older and get into higher and higher grades they aren’t sure exactly what is expected of them when it comes to the current essay writing requirements. These days everyone says that you should get an example of a well written essay and use it to write your own, but does it make you less likely to be creative about your own writing? The answer is no. Here is why.


  • They show good formats
  • They show skill levels
  • You still write your own words

They show good formats

When in higher grades of school you are more likely to be asked to write an essay on a specific topic in a particular type of format. If you have never heard of APA format or MLA format than how can you write an essay that way? These examples show you where which sets of information should go and act as a guide for you to write the essay the proper way. Without an example it is harder to get the format just right the way it should be written.

They show skill levels

In middle school simple writing and explanations are that is it really expected of you. When writing an essay then you don’t worry about large vocabulary or a higher understanding of the English language. In high school however they look for different things in an essay including skill level. The level of skill with which you write is just as important as what you write and these examples show those levels that are expected.

You still write your own words

The reason they don’t stifle creativity is because while they do show you how to format the essay and how well to write, what you write is all up to you. If you are a very creative writer than these examples can only make you a better writer, they cant take that from you. Using a guide does not mean following it word for word. Using your words to express your point makes your writing your own.

Example essays can be a wonderful resource when used wisely. If the writer uses them in all of the ways listed without trying to take over the example writer’s writing style than all of the work will still be uniquely their own.


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