The Top 20 Best Synthesis Essay Topics To Choose From

A synthesis essay seeks to establish whether you can objectively elaborate an idea, object or process. It is a common choice in many tests and is therefore necessary to understand the basic requirements. Before looking at some of the freshest titles to consider in synthesis writing, let’s look at what makes a good topic.

  • Relevance
  • The topic you choose for your paper should be relevant to the field and society. This gives your paper and arguments a purpose. It is easier to use the paper in providing a solution to a societal problem. Irrelevant topics will not attract the attention of any reader and are therefore a waste of resources.

  • Fresh
  • Keep away from topics that have been studied excessively. Explore new ideas by reading extensively, picking cues from research recommendations, watching news items or consulting your teacher. A fresh idea is captivating to read as opposed to a topic with numerous papers on it.

  • Specific
  • A good synthesis essay topic sets boundaries that limit the expectations of the reader. It indicates the areas to be covered to avoid unrealistic expectations. It should also allow you to exhaust or comprehensively expound on the ideas you have regarding the topic.

Interesting synthesis essay topics to consider

  1. Community service as the best rehabilitation method
  2. Poverty can be eliminated by willing governments
  3. Memoirs hide more than they reveal
  4. Black magic is ingrained in every human being
  5. Identity is a social construct and not intrinsic to any human being
  6. How gun control can minimize mass shootings
  7. Genetic engineering is the future of biology
  8. Environmental degradation is irreversible in the face of civilization
  9. The solutions to depression are in better social amenities
  10. Freedom of speech negates social order
  11. Abortion should not be considered a crime
  12. Gender roles are more than social constructs
  13. Parents should maintain control over internet access until their children are 18
  14. Obesity is a sign of social dysfunction
  15. The presidency and impact to the common man
  16. What is the real definition of terrorism?
  17. It is time school uniforms were abolished
  18. UFOs exist
  19. Everyone should belong to a recognizable religion
  20. Gay rights should be allowed to prevail

The choice of topic will determine whether your essay will be captivating or not. An interesting topic inspires you to write a better paper. Consult your teacher in case you find it difficult to choose a good topic.


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