The Easiest Ways to Write an Academic Essay

Students have to write tons of academic essays every year. They need to gain skills necessary to prepare essays fast and demonstrate strong understandings of the subjects. The easiest way to write an academic essay is to organize your ideas in a simple manner; compose the parts of your essay using the following tips below.

  1. Compose the main idea and stick to it: Brainstorm the ideas you want to write about if you have not been assigned a topic. It is easier than you might think; the best essays are written about something you feel passionate about. You can agree or disagree with something, but you should still be interested in the chosen topic. Write down the idea you come up with and develop it as a thesis statement.
  2. Write your title: Your title should represent your thesis statement. If you want to prepare a strong title, it must include a verb. You can check any newspaper, and you will see that all the titles there have strong verbs. In case you cannot come up with a proper title for your topic, just write down the main idea and wait until you have finished your paper to pick an appropriate title.
  3. Create a short introduction: Every essay starts with a one-paragraph introduction. Use several sentences to introduce the topic and state your main idea. Hook the audience in and make the readers interested in the topic.
  4. Develop your thesis: Write several body paragraphs and support your thesis statement with evidence. Use your notes and add some details to make your paper more persuasive. It is recommended to select three key points and describe them in detail. It is a bad idea to write about everything all at once; your writing should be clear and readable. Do a little more research if necessary.
  5. Summarize your ideas: A conclusion is the last paragraph of each essay. It should tie back to the introduction and summarize the key ideas that support your thesis. Stay specific and take your time to refine the text.
  6. Check and correct mistakes: It is easier to complete the entire essay before you check everything. If you have enough time, you should finish your work and review it later so that you will notice misprints, grammar, and spelling mistakes easier. You should also check whether you have used the right formatting. If you have any doubts, you can ask your professor or visit a university writing center. The instructors can help you correct the mistakes and provide examples of the right essay formatting.

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