How To Compose A 5-Paragraph Essay On Random Acts Of Kindness

As far as 5-paragraph essays go, there is always a format to follow if you don’t want your work to be rejected by your tutor. Yes, just as there are differences in writing styles, grades, subjects, and even your tutors, there is a difference in this type of essay in comparison to other essays. If you wish to successfully complete your paper, you don’t necessarily have to write on your tutor’s best topics. Properly composing your academic paper is all you need to make a good and lasting impression on your tutor and other readers of your work. The power is right in your palms and it is at your discretion to make it work.

The aim of this paper is to teach you how to compose 5-paragraph essays, especially the one on acts of kindness. Don’t let the topic of the paper confuse you, all you need to do is back up your essay with interesting and informative facts based on the topic of the academic paper. On this note, this particular academic paper should be structured thus:

  • Introduction: In starting this part of paper, it should start out with you generally talking about the subject matter and funnelling down to your thesis, which is more about why it is vital to engage in acts of kindness and these reasons will serve as the three body paragraphs. This is the point at which you have to hook in your readers. You can start by telling them a little about acts of kindness. Then you can grab their attention by talking about somebody whose life was saved through one singular act of kindness. Make your introduction as interesting as possible, not forgetting to briefly give them hints on what the body paragraphs will be about.

  • Body Paragraph #1: This is where you state the main and number one reason why your 5-paragraph paper recommends that people engage in various acts of kindness.

  • Body Paragraph #2: Just like the body paragraph number one, you state your second reason for your stand on acts of kindness in your academic essay.

  • Body Paragraph #3: This is where you tell your target readers your third reason or point why engaging in acts of kindness is good for everybody, both givers and receivers. Make sure to go into details in all the body paragraphs and where necessary, include examples they can easily relate to.

  • Conclusion: At this point, you restate the main points of your 5-paragraph paper, rewording as much as possible but passing the same message across. Make sure to lay emphasis on the importance of the topic being discussed in your essay – acts of kindness. Unlike the introduction, your conclusion should start out specific and eventually broaden out towards the end.

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