A Quick Guide To School Essay Writing For Students

Writing a high school essay is one of the important skills that you will need to succeed in high school. Unfortunately, it is not easy to write a school essay. While it may be difficult to determine what your teacher needs, there is a basic format that you can help you to write a successful essay. Here is a quick guideline to school essay writing.

Identify a topic

You will need to choose an essay topic that you understand and are comfortable writing about in your essay.

Consider your audience

You will need to consider who will be reading your expository essay. What are the expectations and need of the readers? Since you are likely to be writing for a class assignment, consider what your instructor expects of you.

Create a thesis

The thesis is a statement that your whole essay will make. The thesis should outline the whole idea of the paper. Brainstorm your idea to support the thesis. If there is no enough evidence in the brainstorming session to support the essay, reconsider the thesis. Here are two techniques that you can use to brainstorm:

  • Consider clustering. Write a thesis in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. Draw a circle around the thesis and write down every idea that comes to mind.
  • Free writing. Start by writing the thesis on top of a piece of paper. Write down the evidence that you have to prove the thesis.

What are your parameters?

You will need to identify 3 parameters that you will use to prove your thesis. Write down the parameters and ensure that they are factual. You will need to ensure that these parameters are factual. Write down the introduction. This should be the sentence that you will use to draw the attention of the reader before you can write the thesis statement which is usually the second sentence of your first paragraph. Write paragraph one to three. Ensure that each of these paragraphs support the thesis. Include examples of why each of these topics does support the thesis.

Use transition sentences

Ensure that each of your sentence is connected using a transition sentence.

Have a conclusion

You should use the conclusion to restate the thesis statement as well as your 3 parameters. Go through your work to check for grammatical, punctuations and spelling errors. Read the essay loudly to find out if it flows well and whether there are good transitions between paragraphs. When you use these guidelines, it will be easy to write a school essay for students.


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