How To Pick Interesting Evaluation Essay Topics

Writing an evaluation essay is more like writing a product review. You will have to write in such a way as if you are giving feedback about the topic. Now something which has to be written in such judgmental tones can become boring to the reader. So how do you avoid than and make the essay interesting to read? You can do it by writing it on an interesting topic, obviously.

Now selecting an interesting topic for your essay is a easy job. All you have to do is search over the internet and thousands of options will be there in front of you. You select something about which you can write some strong views. You will have to express your own opinion so it is better if you select something you feel strongly about. This way you are already well aware of the points you are going to write and do not have to spend time on research.

Here are a few interesting topics to help you:

  • The coverage of the recent football world cup by internet channels. Evaluate how the internet streaming ate up the revenues of TV channels.
  • Write on the works of some director or cinematographer of renown. Evaluate how that person’s work has evolved over the years and whether it is better now or worse.
  • You can write on some of the sequels that have released this year. You will have to evaluate whether the sequel lived up to the expectations generated by the previous films of that franchise.
  • Evaluate the acting by one famous actress and write how she has adapted various roles to enhance her career and acting abilities.
  • You can also write a cool movie review, it would be counted as an evaluative essay. But do not write in the same boring way they are usually written. Instead choose an old classic and analyze the various scenes you can also add a humorous touch by exploring comedy movies.
  • You can evaluate the quality of food in some local food joint. You can even write a paper on the various food joints on a certain street and how each dish tastes like.
  • You can write on the latest gizmos. Do not write about all the specifics instead write on something that people already do not know. Maybe write a review of a cassette player or some antique camera.

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