How To Distinguish Good Topics For Cause And Effect Essays

When you are looking for a good topic for your cause and effect essay, you first have to examine the cause of something or why something happens or exists.  You also have to examine the effect, whether it’s an event, situation, or choice that is the effect of the cause.  You always want to start at the beginning of your topic and then discuss the results of your topic.  When you pick your topic for your essay, you want to reword the question so it pertains to your assignment.  You can use the question as your topic of your essay or you could use it as your topic sentence in your introduction.  And the answer to the question that you ask is what your thesis statement is going to be.

Good Topics For Cause And Effect Essays

  • The cause and effect of divorce.  There are a few ways that you can look at this topic; you can focus it on the children, the people in the relationship, or anyone else that are affected by the divorce.
  • How has feminism affected how men and women view dating?  Dating is really different these days, some women don’t want men to pay, while other don’t mind.  And because of this movement, women want more independence and it has made dating different.
  • What kinds of effect does social media have on families and relationships today?  Social media is a part of almost everyone’s lives these days and most websites even want you to connect to profile to view their sites.  With everyone on these kinds of sites what kind of an effect can it have on other around us and has it made us unsocial.
  • What causes poverty in the United States and what effect does growing up in this does have on kids?
  • What effect does watching the news have on children and adults?  News stations always show the worst things that can happen to a person but does this make us more scared of our environment or does this help us realize what was out there.
  • In the last ten years, what has caused the overweight and obese rates to increase?  You hear about it on the news all the time about how obese rates have increased but what has caused it.
  • What has caused more kids to be diagnosed with Autism since it was first recognized?  The numbers of Autistic children is on the rise, is it because we have better diagnosis or that we are misdiagnosing them.

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