How To Come Up With Good Essay Topics For Beowulf

Beowulf is one of the most famous novels in English history. Written hundreds of years ago, this novel is divided into three essential parts. In the first part, it focuses on Beowulf's fight with Grendel. Afterward, he fights Grendel's mother and then the dragon. To write a good essay on this epic novel, students should start by finding a good topic. Afterward, they should use quotes from the book to support their thesis.

Finding an Essay Topic

There are many different websites online that offer sample papers on this novel. Students can look through various samples to find a topic that suits their interests. In addition, students should read through the writing prompt that was provided in class. Often, the professor or teacher will provide a list of ideas that can be used for an essay.

If the student is still struggling to come up with a thesis, they can always start by brainstorming. As the student reads, they should highlight interesting information in the text. Later on, these highlighted portions can form a basis for an essay topic. Students can also try sitting down and listing all of the topic ideas that pop into their head. Although some of these brainstormed ideas may not be useful, there will be at least one or two ideas that will work. For additional help, students can check out some of the following essay topics.

Topics for an Essay

  1. In what was does the battle with Grendel, her mother and the dragon demonstrate a moral challenge?
  2. What type of role does religion play in the novel?
  3. How does Beowulf demonstrate the heroic code in Anglo-Saxon culture?
  4. How does the story of Beowulf's youth and old age demonstrate the division between these two time periods in life?
  5. How is the concept of revenge portrayed in the novel?
  6. Why does fate and reputation play such a key role in the later portion of the novel?
  7. What is the symbolism portrayed by the cave, Heorot or the dragon's treasure?
  8. How does the novel portray a patriarchal society? Is the novel entirely male-dominated?
  9. How do digressions in the novel add to the main action?
  10. How are women portrayed in the novel?
  11. Is the main character an ideal hero? What are some of the faults in his character?
  12. What is the role of gold in the novel? Do the main characters focus on accumulating treasure?
  13. Does the mead-hall play a key role in the warrior culture of the time? How do lords and warriors related to each other?
  14. What is the code of comitatus, and how does it play a role?

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