Risky Essay Topics You Should Be Careful with

The first thing we need to define is what we mean by a risky essay topic. We will have had it drummed into our mind the importance of the choice of essay topic. Write about something we feel comfortable about, that we know about and better still we are passionate about. But what do we mean by a risky essay topic?

Will first of all it could be risky for you the writer or it could be risky for the reader. Let us assume that you have gone through a tough time at some stage in your life and you decide that you will write an essay about that experience. It was a trying time for you, possibly a dangerous time and fortunately you have come through it well. But does that mean you should write about it in an essay? And are there any risks in doing that?

Is it uncomfortable?

You need to be very clear that by choosing this controversial topic memories of your harrowing experience do not impact upon your writing. Remember that the whole purpose of you writing this essay is to get as high a score as possible. If you are overcome with emotion recalling the experience then that unhappiness or uncertainty may very well show through in your writing. Explaining something which was super important in your life can be a tricky task. Your emotions may get the better of your writing skills.

Now that may not be the case. You may have come out the other side of your experience a much better person and find that writing an essay about it is actually an exciting and rewarding experience. You are able to relive the triumph of your success. But that doesn't mean that the essay is comfortable for someone else. There is an expression that it's possible to give ‘too much information’. If the person reading your essay finds the detail in the essay to be confronting and thus uncomfortable, you may not get the results you wanted as far as your academic score is concerned.

Some things are very controversial

Now there are millions of students who have written an essay on a sensitive political or moral issue with abortion being a prime example. Just because the issue is controversial doesn't mean that it cannot have an essay written about it. But you definitely need to be sure that this divisive topic doesn’t cause your writing to become divisive. A good essay writer will remove their political views and present a well-balanced and well-written essay. It can be risky to choose a topic which has a track record of causing people to become seriously upset.


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