Where to Look for a Free Essay on Romeo and Juliet

To write a good essay on Romeo and Juliet, you do not need to ponder over this play for hours. Familiarize yourself with what others have written on this never-aging work, and you might easily come up with your own ideas.

  • Your instructor’s archive
  • Ask your tutor if he or she stores any previous essays. Explain that you need them as formatting examples. Your tutor probably will allow you to have a look. Alternatively, he or she might send you to your school writing center where they store all kinds of sample papers. Most likely, you will find at least one essay on Romeo and Juliet there. Note that you should not make the same points as in these papers, or paraphrase them too closely. Otherwise, you might be accused of plagiarism and get a low mark. Use the papers you get from your tutor or writing center only as examples to build your own piece of writing.

  • Online databases
  • The most popular free essay databases and services with cheap essays for sale provide access to hundreds of thousands of items. They should have papers on Romeo and Juliet as well. The problem is to find what you need in a large collection; not all websites have convenient search by keywords. If it’s the case, open the website’s literature section. Next, find the subsection devoted to Shakespeare’s works. Do not shy away from databases that offer paid subscription but a free trial. Sign up for a trial, and you will get an essay sample technically for free. Moreover, papers in databases with paid subscription are usually of higher quality.

  • Literature homework help resources
  • Look for websites that provide free literature homework help. They contain study guides, answers to common questions about a particular literary work, and sample essays. Visit the Romeo and Juliet section to find the examples you need. Do not submit any of these as your own work; your instructor can easily detect it with anti-plagiarism software.

  • Search engines
  • If you have no idea where to start, simply type “free essay on Romeo and Juliet” into a search engine line. As lots of students have to write about this, this search query is a popular one. You will discover lots of links, and most of them will lead to relevant and reliable pages. In order not to get lost in this abundance, think of a topic you would particularly love to explore. It might be one of the play’s main themes, or one of its minor characters. Look for examples devoted to this topic. Modify your search query accordingly.


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