Where To Go Looking For A Proofread Example Of An Article Review

A proofread example is meant to direct you on how to tackle a certain topic. In this case, your main focus is on an article review.

Why it's important

Counter checking helps you to avoid minor mistakes that could greatly embarrass you. It involves looking into how the punctuation marks have being used, grammar, tense and spelling of words. It is one of the most important steps.

Source of a proofread example

Many are the times you may think that you have properly counter checked your work. In the long run, you end up realizing that your professor or client has made complains about your work. Below are some of the sources that might help you in ensuring your work is 100% free of errors:

Academic sites

The likelihood of you seeking for assistance from the Internet is quite high. Moreover, this is where you can quickly access what you looking for. However, chances are you may land on a site that won't be of much help. Consult your friends, tutors or professors on the best site to use.

Secondary sources

Secondary sources such as academic books and encyclopedias are very reliable. They provide the best examples of any article. Though they are the best source to recommend, they are rather expensive. A Student needs to properly budget their money if they need to have a good piece of work.

Seek consultation

A lecturer will always be there to guide you through in case you get stuck. You may request for an example from them. Older students who have been in your position may also help. They can lend you their work for you to go through and range your review paper. Nonetheless, ensure you do not plagiarize any content.

Online companies

There are companies that provide proofreading services. In addition, they also have samples that could direct students. If you still are not sure whether the samples were of help, you may forward your paper for editing.

Additional information

Apart from examples, there are other guidelines that could direct you. These guidelines are known as counter checking marks. They are symbols that show you any errors in your piece of work. They include: change of font color, insertion marks such as 'V' or 'C' and underlining of a word (s).

In conclusion, both examples and marks should not be taken lightly. The success of your paper depends on it.


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