Where Can I Get Good Topics for an Essay?

Writing an essay is a very interesting task. Students usually find it hard to write an essay because they do not know how to choose the right topic for their essay. They select a topic that they have no passion for. This can lead to further complications because the essay needs to be a precise explanation of the topic. They stray away from the main focus and start writing about things that they are more interested in. These students fail to realize that the essay and its topic should complement each other rather than contradicting. Even if you put a lot of efforts in your essay but it does not explain your topic properly then your efforts will be a waste.

The topic of your essay

There is no standard format or structure for the topic of an essay but it needs to be precise and accurate. Students, who want to know the qualities of a good topic, should look at their topic and see if it meets the following specifications.

  • It should be something you have passion for
  • It must be catchy to grab the reader’s attention
  • It should represent your complete essay
  • It must not have any grammatical or spell errors
  • It should be precise and direct

Where to get good essay topics

If you are to write an essay and do not know how to pick an interesting topic then you certainly need help. There are many places where you can find high quality topics for your essay. You must know the subject you are writing the essay about. Here are a few places where you can find good topics for your essay

In essay guidebooks

The first place you need to search is the guidebooks. Go to a book store and buy a good essay guide. If you do not have cash to buy the guide you can look them up in the library. These guidebooks have hundreds of essays on different topics and they even include essay writing tutorials. This is where you can find good topics for your essay.

Brainstorm for fresh ideas

Sit in s quite corner where you can concentrate on your topic. The best way to go about this is taking a pen and paper and writing down everything that comes to your mind.


  • Check the library in your college or university
  • Ask your siblings or parents to participate with ideas
  • Search the internet

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