Tips from an Expert on How to Write an Excellent Essay

Each time you write an essay, you can follow the same set of rules. Regardless of the topic or subject, the same practices can be applied to all excellent essays. All excellent essays will follow the same formula of steps outlined below:

  1. Prepare: Before beginning any part of the brainstorming process for your next essay, it is incredibly important you are properly prepared. The proper preparation for beginning an essay means being completely clear on the instructions and expectations of a paper. You want to know what type of paper you are expected to write, what the topic should be about, and any other requirements your teacher may have of you. Once you have fully prepped yourself to begin the essay, you will be ready to start brainstorming.
  2. Research: After you are prepped with the prompt information, you will begin brainstorming the topic for your paper. Think about a topic that will not only interest your audience and your instructor, but will also hold your attention. By keeping yourself interesting in the subject matter you are researching, it will be easier to produce engaging and stimulating writing for your audience. Once you have selected a topic that you feel to fit the prompt, your personal interest, and the interests’ of your audience, you will start research. The research should have general information on your topic, to produce a background for your audience, as well as specific information to support your main points.
  3. Plan: After you have compiled your research, you are ready for the planning process. The best way to plan your paper will be with an outline. The outline will organize your introduction, conclusion and body paragraphs into a system of numbers and letters. This will act as the roadmap for your paper, guiding you from the introduction, through the body paragraphs, and into the conclusion of your paper.
  4. Write: Now you have a plan, so you are ready to start writing. Use the outline or roadmap you have created to begin writing. You will follow along with you outline to keep the paper organized, and systematically develop your argument. Do not be afraid to write. You will have many drafts. So, write down whatever may come to mind because it could lead your paper in a strong direction.
  5. Edit: Finally, you must edit! The first draft of your paper is not the finished product. Read your paper line by line for grammatical and structural issues, as well as read it on a whole for organizational issues or holes in your argument. Peer review is great too!

Every time you begin a new essay think back to these four steps. These five steps are the foolproof tips to creating an excellent essay every time. With the right about of research, planning, writing, and editing you will ace your next essay.


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