Writing A Solid Conclusion For A Synthesis Response Essay In Three Steps

Writing conclusions is the most difficult part of essay writing. After writing several pages of the essay, some writers may feel they may have nothing concrete to add. It is important to write a good conclusion as this is what most readers will remember. The conclusion is supposed to the best part of the entire easy. Having difficulty writing a good conclusion?

A good conclusion should:

  1. Leave an impression to the reader.
  2. Show the importance of the thesis statement
  3. Give the essay some sense of being complete.

Tips on writing a good conclusion for an essay:

  1. Show suggestions
  2. Ask your readers questions like “So what”. Let the readers see why you paper is important. Prove the worth of your paper.

    Do not summarize, synthesize: Most people make the mistake of repeating what has been written in the other chapters. Instead of doing that, show them the points you put across and how they fit together.

    Redirecting your readers: Leave your readers with something to think about. For instance, if you introduction took the general to specific approach, let conclusion be the same too. Think outside the box.

  3. Strategies
  4. Echo your introduction as you write the conclusion. For instance, if you introductory paragraph had a scenario, include that scenario at the end. This will help to create a new understanding.

    Challenging the reader: Challenge the reader of your essay in such a way that they will apply some of the information by redirecting it to their lives. For instance, if your essay was on the law and jury, challenge them on how to be responsible citizens.

    Look into the future: some of the information in the paper may direct their thought process. You can show a gap in research that needs to be investigated in the research. This may trigger interest in a new research topic.

    Posing questions: Posing questions in general creates a new thinking perspective to the reader.

  5. Avoiding some phrases
  6. Avoid using phrases like “to sum up “or” in conclusion”. They would be ideal for oral presentation but not a written easy. They are so cliché and will bore the reader. In addition, do not just make a summary of the essay. Present a logical and brief argument. As previously stated, readers will remember the contents of the concluding paragraph as opposed to other sections of the essay. This website also has some great tips for writing a synthesis essay; Check it out.


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