How To Create An Essay Title Page: 5 Essential Points To Remember

When writing an essay, most persons only think about the content of the paper, that is, the introduction, body and conclusion segments. However, many people fail to remember a very important thing- the title page. The cover page is an introduction to your essay in that it gives the title of the paper. It mostly lists the details of what the paper you are writing is for. Here’s how to create an essay cover page.

5 Essential points to remember:

  1. Know the format- The format of the cover page is based on the format of the paper itself. Is the paper in MLA format? APA format? To actually have a good and effective cover page for your work, you have to make sure you know the format, or you can end up losing marks for having the wrong format. This means that when looking for sample cover pages, you should look for a format in the format that you are doing it again. If no format is given for the paper, then you can use any format you wish to.
  2. Make sure it is clear- Simplicity is the best route when it comes the first page of your paper. You want to make sure it is simple and that persons can understand what they are looking at. There should be titles of course. You do not have to have a heading called Title page; that is a rarity. However, you can begin the cover page, with the name of the school or organization that you are writing this paper for.
  3. Have an interesting title- People will be more willing to read a composition with an interesting title than one that sounds boring and dreary. The main thing you’ll want to do is to get people to read your paper.
  4. Have Headings- Headings would include Name, School, Class and the like. Not everyone requires this, but aesthetically it improves your work and makes it more visually appealing.
  5. Make sure all information is uninformed- Again, this will depend on your professor or who you are writing it for but it is a general rule that all the information will be in the same size and font. Usually Times New Roman, size 12.

A title page is the simplest part of the paper, so if this is all you have left to do, then you will see how much of a breeze it is to do. Good Luck!


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