How To Start Off An Essay

essay writing tipsGetting started is the hardest part. When it comes to persuasive essay writing many students struggle with the actual “writing” part of the process. Doing the research and organizing their ideas into an outline is a breeze compared to actually tackling the creative writing aspect.

By now you know that the first paragraph is the introduction as well as the “make it or break it” part of the persuasive writing process. The introduction paragraph should be intriguing enough to urge the reader to continue reading, as well as thorough enough that they understand exactly what it is that will be covered within the paper. This paragraph is also the home of the thesis, where you will introduce your idea and make a strong statement about the subject matter. Following your thesis there are should also be a brief description of the following supporting points that the paper will cover.

Knowing how to begin to introduce your essay can be tricky. Figuring out how to start off an essay and grab the attention of the reader without straying to far from the academic intent of the document takes some careful consideration. If you decide to start your essay with a bold or interesting remark, you have to figure out a way to follow through and link the different ideas together.

It is important for students to know that there is no singular way to begin an essay. It really depends on the audience that you are attempting to reach what method you choose to use. Do not forget that you can always find professional essay help to get the best result and higher grade.

Ideas For How To Start Off An Essay:

introduction for an essay

  1. Jump Right In
  2. Begin your essay with your thesis statement right of the bat. Try to avoid making awkward statements like “this is an essay about”.

  3. Ask A Question
  4. Introduce your essay by composing a question that is directed towards the reader. This is a good way to get their attention and tie the content together by answering the question in your thesis.

  5. Include An Interesting Fact
  6. What better way to introduce a unique idea than with an interesting fact tidbit about the subject matter being discussed? When done the successfully the reader should be interested in hearing more about the topics being discussed and they will instantly be drawn in.

  7. Present Your Thesis With A Revelation
  8. Many essays begin with a revelation that is related to the thesis. Remarks like “I have finally realized… “ This is a personable way to introduce the topic as well as the author’s insights.

  9. Describe The Inspiration For Your Paper
  10. You can set a unique tone for your essay by describing the setting or instance where you were inspired to write about the given topic. “One day while I was look up into the sky curiously…”

    This is a fantastic way to introduce a narrative voice and intrigue the reader by courting their interest in the essay’s content.

  11. Use A Well Known Historic Event to Introduce Your Paper
  12. Another way to grab the reader’s interest is by mentioning a well know historic event: “When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon…”

  13. Introduce A Contrasting Idea
  14. Many essays begin by introducing a contrasting idea first and then tying in the actual perspective of the author when they get to the thesis. For example, “Many people believe that homosexuality is a choice,”

    You can then compose a brief argument about why the initial notion is incorrect and address the new perspective in the Thesis. This is a fantastic clinching tool that helps to get a readers attention right away.


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