How to come up with quality
personal essay topics for college

Many people argue that personal essay topics are the easiest to write. The advice given to all students when selecting an essay topic is that they should choose something they like or have knowledge about or would like to study in the future. When you get to write a personal essay topic it's pretty hard to go wrong as far as the choice of topic is concerned.

And because you write about something personal, something with which you have had first-hand experience, this is great but it is not the complete answer. There is the actual structure, research and writing of the essay not to mention its proofreading and editing.

Now the heading of this article uses the word quality to describe a personal essay topic. What does that mean? You see what will give a personal essay topic quality is that it is about a subject you can describe in detail. Brushing your teeth may be a vitally important and healthy activity but it is not something that you could necessarily develop into a quality essay.

Handling a difficult situation such as being bullied on the other hand is a perfect example of a quality personal essay topic. The issue is vital to a person's mental and physical well-being. The issue is a current topic and particularly with online bullying. By having had a personal involvement in the subject you are able to tackle it from an intimate point of view.

How would you find quality personal essay topics?

Well it ever a situation existed when brainstorming is ideal then this is the perfect example. Brainstorming as you probably know is where a word or words are placed on a board or large sheet of paper and everyone throws out ideas that spring to mind when they look at that word or words. You can do brainstorming by yourself but it always helps if you can do it with one or more people who can contribute suggestions.

So you're looking for essay topics which relate to you on a personal level but which have depth and relevance and currency. What has happened in your life in recent times which has made an impact? What activities have you been involved in recently which have changed your life and will certainly made a difference to your life? These are other possible quality personal essay topics you could consider.


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