World War II

World War II was one of the most deadliest and costly wars in history. It involved a number of countries with over 50 million people losing their lives (both civilian and military). The war started when Adolf Hitler invaded Poland during the late 1930s. The war lasted for 6 years with Japan and Germany both being defeated. Because of the significance of the war and how it occurred it is one of the most important events in world history. Historians and researchers continue to learn about the world and help others learn about it from a standpoint they can understand.

World War II was pretty devastating. During the 1930s the United States was dealing with the Great Depression. Other parts of the world had conflicts to deal with on their own, so a war was the last thing anyone needed to go through. There were a number of important events that occurred after Adolf Hitler decided to make his move. One of the highlights of the war included the millions of people that lost their lives. Many were civilians and they were from all around the world. Many died due to air attacks that occurred.

The war had its ups and downs. At one point there were considered high points that were positive despite how destructive the war became. There are elements of the war people may not know about including a number of heinous crimes that were committed against other people and other countries. The war had some effect on helping the United States get out of its deep depression. Blacks and women even saw more opportunities during this time than before the war occurred. The war helped millions of jobless people find employment opportunities. Later the United Stated earned higher status among other countries.

A number of other significant events occurred that helped shape the world. The United Nations was created when the war ended and the empires of the Italian and Japanese fell apart. The United States and the Soviet Union became a superpower when they merged together. A number of allied countries strengthen their relationships. The war showed a lot of effort and trust went into developing a plan that would override Hitler. He was known as a cruel person many did not want cross paths with. It took plenty of determination that would ultimately restructure how counties communicate with one another.


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