How to Make Your Writing Fun: The Top 15 Intriguing Essay Topics

Nothing seems to be more boring and time-consuming for a student than developing an essay from scratch. Writing assignments are an inevitable part of students’ lives, which often makes both students and tutors feel depressed. Generally, essay topics are repetitive and tiresome, which makes academic papers look similar and unoriginal.

Unfortunately, many students ignore one of the keys to successful essay paper writing – the topic of the paper. Choosing an interesting and catchy topic can not only help achieve high grades, but make the process of writing real fun.

Below is a list of the top 15 amazing essay topics that will make your writing joyful and easy.

  1. Keeping animals in zoos.
  2. What do you think the pros and cons of zoos are?

  3. Professional sportsmen’s salaries.
  4. Many people claim that professional sportsmen are paid undeservingly much. Do you agree with this opinion?

  5. Dress code for teachers.
  6. A great number of institutional affiliations oblige their students to wear uniforms. Do you think teachers also have to wear uniforms?

  7. Tests on animals.
  8. To what extent is using animals for testing the production of pharmaceutical companies acceptable? What alternatives do pharmaceutical companies have?

  9. Computer addiction.
  10. How do computers affect people’s socializations?

  11. Uneven allocation of resources in the world.
  12. Do you think countries with many resources should be obliged to share them with less-developed ones?

  13. The computerization of education.
  14. The educational system tends to replace textbooks and notebooks with laptops. Is it appropriate? How can the computerization of education affect academic progress?

  15. Cell phone usage at school.
  16. Does cell phone usage influence students’ academic performance?

  17. Separate formal education.
  18. Does it impact the way people build their relationships in the future?

  19. Spending money on space exploration.
  20. How much (percentage-wise) of a nation’s budget should be devoted to this?

  21. Allowing students to grade teachers.
  22. Teachers evaluate students’ performance while students do not have a chance to grade their teachers. Should students also evaluate their teachers’ performance?

  23. Imposing household chores on children.
  24. It is natural for many families for children to accomplish some tasks at home and do household chores. Why should or shouldn’t children help parents at home?

  25. Endangered animal species.
  26. There are numerous threatened species on our planet. What should be done to save animals from vanishing?

  27. The right age to start dating.
  28. When and why do you think it is appropriate for young people to start dating?

  29. Being into mainstream fashion.
  30. Is it important?


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