Where to Find Great Examples of Analytical Essays?

If you have to write an analytical essay for the first time and want to see what it should look like, here is a brief guide to places where the best samples can be found.

University Websites

Colleges and universities are interested in having their students write analytical essays as well as possible. For this reason, they often place excellent analytical essay samples on their websites.

Some analytical essay examples developed by universities are available not only to their students, but to the general public as well. To discover them, enter “analytical essay sample” in your search engine line and add “site.edu” to restrict your search to the websites of educational institutions.

The examples found on university websites are usually of very high qualities. Moreover, they are often accompanied by explanations and writing tips.

Note that some websites that have “.edu” in their address line might still not be reliable. Do not open any links leading to resources that have a suspicious name or a confusing page description.

Other Online Resources

If you have completed the previous step and still want more examples, remove the site type limitation and repeat your search. You will see more resources that contain analytical essay examples, but you will have to visit each website to determine whether it can be trusted.

Credible online resources include the ones devoted to academic writing, literary analysis, or homework help. Some of the best analytical essay examples can be discovered on the websites of reputable writing services. Companies upload these samples to demonstrate that their writers are real experts, so you can view or download them for free.

Physical Libraries

Your local library, or the library of your educational institution, might have a handbook on writing analytical essays. To make sure, explore the library’s online or physical catalogue, or simply ask the librarian. If there are no such books, look for a general essay writing guide – it should also contain samples of analytical essays, as they are one of the most common kinds of academic papers.

You may wonder why anyone would bother visiting a physical library during the era of the Internet, but this way of discovering analytical essay samples has two main advantages. Firstly, by borrowing a handbook, you can access dozens of great samples and instructions at once. Secondly, all examples in academic guidebooks are written by professionals and have been carefully edited and proofread. You may use them as a standard you should try to meet with your own essay.


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