A List Of Impressive Narrative Essay Topics About Values For 9th Grade Students

The narrative essay is a story. It is usually written from personal experience and shows a side of you, how you reacted to something, gained awareness or new insight. It helps the reader get to know you better and helps you understand yourself better.

As a 9th grade student prepares to find an impressive essay topic on the subject of values, they must do some inward thinking. How has a value affected them? How did they learn a certain value? Some of the values that may first come to mind are honesty, integrity, cooperation, love, caring, faith, respect, trust, wisdom, awareness, confidence and many more.

A list of great values essay topics you can choose from include:

  1. What event in your life first made you appreciate the value of honesty?
  2. How does integrity fit into today’s fast-paced and competitive lifestyle? How have you experienced this first-hand?
  3. When has cooperation or the lack thereof made an impact in your personal life?
  4. Why would you say the family unit is built on and thrives on love?
  5. How has someone showed a great depth of caring for you?
  6. How does having faith or hope in the future help you to overcome the challenges of today?
  7. How does respect help a person truly blossom into who they are meant to become?
  8. How necessary is trust in building and cementing a friendship? What personal experiences do you have in this area?
  9. How does knowledge differ from wisdom and how does this relate to a personal experience?
  10. A lack of awareness of another person’s needs can lead to a breakdown in relationships. How have you experienced this principle?
  11. Building confidence in yourself requires determination. How have you seen your level of confidence in certain areas determine your success or failure in that area?
  12. The ability to focus may be influenced by genetic or physical factors. How does attentiveness improve one’s ability to focus?

The internet is a goldmine of ideas for values. They are usually in lists without ideas of how to develop them into a narrative essay topic. However, you can use some of the questions above as ideas on how to develop a value into a really great starting point for writing your narrative essay. Whichever value you choose, apply it to your life and then relate to the reader how it has affected you.


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