A List Of Interesting US History Essay Topics To Consider

So, the teacher has given you a US history essay on a free chosen topic. The next evening you find yourself sitting and starring in nowhere with a blank mind. If this situation sounds familiar, check out our list of most popular US history topics, and you can be sure that teacher will assess your assignment.

  • To begin with, if you are interested in protohistory of USA, write about the discovery of the American continent by first Europeans – Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and so on. Even though, this theme is not very unique, you can find some interesting facts and develop the theme.
  • “Settlement of the new continent” is another protohistorical theme. You can describe the mode of life of first settlers from Europe, for example the Dutch in New Amsterdam or as it is called now – the New York City.
  • Maybe, you are interested in the Spanish and French invasion of the Latin America. Research the sad history of the native tribes – Aztec, Mayan, Inca. You are free to write about the severe crimes of conquistadors and other first explorers of the Latin America continent.
  • Are you a westerns fan, all those cowboy themes, gold miners, saloons and so on? Then write down an essay about the Western part of the USA in the mid 19 century.
  • The war between Indians and first settlers is also a very intriguing topic for a history essay. Customs and traditions of Native American tribes, their mythology, mode of life, conflicts, military trainings etc – will definitely catch people’s attention.
  • The reasons of American Revolution for independence from the British Empire is also a worth topic for researching. You can write about the upsides and downsides of the Revolutionary War, material losses, and human losses.
  • If you are really interested in politics, you can make a research about the elaboration of the Two-party system in USA. Answer the following questions, such as – Who were the Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians, the causes of their conflict and its consequences in the modern history of the USA.
  • Another significant historical fact is the Civil War and the cancellation of slavery. Find out more about Abraham Lincoln, the War against slavery and it’s economical, social and political consequences.
  • Maybe you are more interested in the modern history of USA, then research the successes and failures of diplomacy starting from the atrocity of World War of 1914-1918 and finishing with diplomacy in the 21 century.

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