10 Great Topics For Argumentative Essays To Think Of

Have you ever read an essay that was boring and you could barely get through without trying to stay awake.  Was it the way the paper was written or the topic of the paper or was it both?  It’s hard to tell where that essay went wrong but picking a great topic can help you write a great essay.  Picking an interesting topic from american essay writers ensures that the reader will be hooked with just the title of your essay.

10 Great Topics

  • Vampires or Werewolves who is the better race?  Even though they are fictional there are tons of lore on both race.  Compile all of the information on both races and see which on is the superior race.
  • Are apparitions real?  There are a lot of shows that deal with finding ghosts and spirits or debunking their existence but are they real or can all sightings be explained?
  • Is the Barbie doll a good role model for young girls? The Barbie doll has been around for years but is this doll a good role model for girls or are we expecting too much from a toy?
  • American Idol and America’s Got Talent, which show has more talent?  American Idol is a show that showcases singer but America’s Got Talent has a variety of acts with different talents.  Both shows have great talent but which one do you think has better talent?
  • Pick a movie and argue if it is the best or worst movie that you have ever seen.  We have all paid good money to see a movie that we either loved or hated but why did you love or hate that movie?
  • Would a vampire get AIDS/HIV if they sucked the blood of an infected person?  You may think the easy answer to this question is yes but did you take into consideration that they are already dead and their hearts don’t pump and that their blood doesn’t flow?
  • What is the difference between daydreaming and night dreaming and which is better?
  • Are aliens real or are we alien’s ourselves?  This is an interesting topic to examine for your essay, you can use research done by various sources to come up with your answer.
  • Is bottled water really better than tap water?  It’s more expensive but tap water is just as good as bottle, why are we paying so much?
  • Do nursery rhymes have a deeper meaning?  Some nursery rhymes do have a hidden meaning, you can find many examples online but you can choose a few and examine there meaning.

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