Unused Expository Essay Topics for College Students

Before you ask the question that all students have asked at one time or the other; the answer is yes, you will need this during your college career and even beyond. Most of the essays that you will write during your academic career will be expository in nature; that is unless specified otherwise. Some professors will want to be persuaded by your essays rather than give textbook fact on a topic; but that just depends on the subject matter and the assignment.

Refresher Time

Fact: Expository is the synonym of explanatory. Now thinking about that helps you the student to fully understand that when you write an expository essay it isn’t about your opinion but cold hard facts put in a structure that offers needed information to someone that has no idea about the topic they are reading about.

The process is centered on four ideals:

  • There has to be general rough idea or hypothesis for your basics.
  • Back up your idea with cold hard evidence; professors like to see proof.
  • Present a valid argument to help back your idea.
  • Elaborate the crap out of your idea.

This section was for those of you that were snoozing during class. The biggest thing that bores the pants off your professors is seeing everyone writing about the same thing. Come up with something fresh and never done before; this will help you stand out and make your academic career much more rewarding.

Fresh Ideas for the Tired Mind

You’ve been studying hard the night before and in class the professor bounces in an extra assignment asking for a three page expository essay. You panic; however you just read this article and obtained some great ideas or inspiration for even better topic ideas.

Fresh and unused topics:

  • Things to leave at home when you go to college.
  • Ways to avoid being that roommate that no one wants.
  • The sensory experience of watching a music video.
  • Education vs. being uneducated when it comes to being successful.
  • Major conspiracies that have impacted our country.
  • You are a time traveler, what time would you go back to and where?
  • If you were to write one book in your spare time; what would it be about?
  • You’re a hundred years old; how is the world different in the future?
  • The body language of lie or a liar.

Of course this is only a small scope of what you could be writing about; inspiration is key in coming up with a good topic and standing out amongst all the rest. Your professors will thank you for being original.


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