A List Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics On Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte wrote a novel back in 1847 that was very controversial. It was mostly controversial because it expressed the true feelings that women of the time had to hide. It challenged the role of women in society during the Victorian Era and was the first of its kind. One of the best ways to present this novel would be to write an argumentative essay. The main reason why you would choose an argumentative essay is that you want to be able to prove your views on a various issue that deals with the novel.

Choosing a topic for your essay is one of the hardest parts. Here are a few ideas that you can write about for your paper. The main idea is to prove your thesis that you have developed about your topic. You should decide your stand on an issue and then work to prove it.

  • The novel Jane Eyre improved the times
  • Challenging the roles of women in the Victorian EraChallenging religion in the Victorian Era
  • Challenging morality in the Victorian Era
  • Improper thoughts of a lady
  • Realistic characters in writing
  • Differences in social standings
  • Physical Appearance

Do you think that the novel improved the times? If so, than you would want to present your argument to show how it improved the times. Your thesis statement would say something like the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte improved the Victorian Era because it challenged the role of women in the society, it challenged social standings, and it challenged the importance of physical appearances. You would then work to prove the thesis by explaining each of these factors.

When choosing a topic for your paper, you need to make sure that you focus on a topic that you feel really strongly about. If you write a paper on a topic that you have some conviction for, the end result will turn out so much better. It is one way to ensure that you really write the best paper. This type of essay will use solid evidence to prove the point that you are trying to make in reference to the novel.

You should develop an outline to help you organize your ideas. It is the best way to choose if you want to present the strongest piece of evidence first or last. You have the tools now to write a great essay on this novel.


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