Searching for a Five Paragraph Essay Outline Template

The five paragraph essay is a fairly simple concept. It contains an introduction, a body and a conclusion just like any other essay. If you are honest with yourself, the outline does not so much require a template as it does the devotion of a fair amount of time. Regardless, if an outline template is what you desire, here is how you can begin your search.

Check out text books

Text books on writing are available in many different locations. You can go to the library, the book store or a friend’s personal collection. Wherever you manage to source the book check the section on creating an essay outline and you may find a template that suits your purposes. The structure may not specify the five paragraph essay outright but this can be easily adjusted to suit.

Go online

Templates exist for everything online from the strictly academic to the obviously recreational. Use your favorite search engine and type in the the phrase “essay outline template”. You may find templates that are more suited to longer essays but otherwise perfect for you. This is still workable. Some templates you locate may also be easier to manipulate than others in that you can download them and use them directly while others may need you use them online and copy and paste your work into a word processor.

Request one from your teacher

If your teacher has been in the business for a while and has specifically requested that you produce a five paragraph essay online, he or she will most likely have a template that suits that format. Make your request known early on so that your chances of getting a positive outcome in time for submission increase.

Pay for one

Money may not buy you happiness but it can certainly make situations significantly easier in many different ways. If the sources above do not give you the type of template you need, consider paying a writing service to produce one for you. Since it is staffed by professional writers you should get a reliable product and you also have the ability to make specific requests of your writers. Paying the money puts you in control, just make sure that your chosen writing company is actually worth what you’re paying them.

By following these steps you can most certainly access the right writing template for your outline.


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