The Easiest Way of Finding Excellent Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Everyday a person experiences a situation that is either repetitious or new and exciting. For the repetitious events, a person gets used to the same mundane task. For the new events taking place, they could be a stir from choosing black coffee instead of the usual two creams and two sugars or they could be larger such as finding out a promotion at work is coming down for someone in your section. If someone had to shake up their classroom routine for an essay topic, how would they do it? This brief article will offer some idea of how to find excellent cause and effect essay topics.

Ways to find a good cause and effect essay topic

  • Everyday experiences; good or bad
  • Co-workers, family and friends
  • As a way to challenge oneself
  • Historical Viewpoints
  • When you least expect it

Everyday experiences

With the amount of people in the world that exist today, at least two people are going to take the same route to work. One may bike while the other drives a car, but they both arrive at work at their scheduled time. The benefits of riding the bike over a car are significant health wise, but the car driver can leave work even if a thunderstorm begins. If the driver of the vehicle had chosen a different method of getting to work (cause), then the effect or outcome would be different depending on if they chose to walk, run or carpool.

Co-workers, family and friends

Humans by nature are inquisitive beings. Therefore, if someone has to write an article for school they may as well ask the people around them on topics they find significant. Co-workers might help someone find a topic related to their job field while family may want to talk about something more related to family history.

As a way to challenge oneself

After writing a cause and effect essay, a person should feel challenged to take the effect or outcome of their writing and ask how they can accomplish it better than everyone else in the past. Motivation is what drives humans toward developing new things and inherit personal development.

Historical viewpoints

From the topic above, one should always look back at history as a determination of why things happened the way they did. Weather can cause a military invasion to be pushed back a week which can in effect allow the enemy to fortify their position better. One must always think of how things were done in the past and how to better them for the future.

When you least expect it

Usually after a child gets in trouble they realize why they should not have chosen the specific action that they did such as pushing their sister or punching their brother. Life is one walking cause and effect and as more people become more observant to their surroundings, cause and effect essay topics should fall right onto paper.


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