How to Find Free Essay Writing Assistance: Advice for Freshmen

The jump in difficulty from high school to college can be quite a shock. Suddenly you spend less time in class but find yourself spending more time working independently, reading, completing assignments and studying. Writing poses a particular challenge because your college instructors expect you to have all of the rudiments of the craft by the time you set foot in their classes. Unfortunately, not all students are as prepared as they’d like to be. Here’s some advice for freshmen looking for essay writing assistance:

Visit Your Campus Study or Writing Center

Within the first few days of arriving on campus it’s a good idea of locating your classes, the library and the campus study or writing center. These are all things you will need to succeed in college – imagine not know where your classes are! – but if you know you are entering school with a disadvantage when it comes to writing then you should certainly locate the building where you can find essay writing help. There you will find staff and resources that should get you up to speed with what is expected from your writing at this level.

Join a Writing Work Group

If you consider yourself social you might want to try joining one of the dozens of writing work groups available throughout campus. This is an excellent way of having your work reviewed by peers who are happy to give constructive feedback as well as point you to some resources they might use to improve their own writing. An added bonus about joining a writing work group is that you may establish some long-standing relationships with other students, which can be extremely valuable towards your academic success.

Familiarize Yourself with the Online Community

If you would prefer to stay in your dormitory as opposed to going out to join a writing group then you should consider joining the online community. There are plenty of forums and chatrooms where you can connect with other students who can offer to help with your writing. Simply by posting a question or a request you can open yourself up to dozens of responses. Anyone of the respondents could become a great source for help down the road, so be sure to participate regularly and bring something to the table as well.

Find a Volunteer Writing Tutor

There are several writing tutors who receive some kind of credit for hours they commit in helping others. Take advantage of this and look for writing tutors who are in need of filling hours for their writing classes. Working with a single volunteer writing tutor throughout your semester will be extraordinarily helpful as lessons and reviews could be designed to work around your progress versus a standard program that may be too difficult or too easy for you.


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