The Top 25 Intriguing Essay Topics for College Students

In the event that you are in college and you are struggling to find some really good essay topics, there is no need for you to worry. The following are some really good topics that you can forward to your professor for consideration of your paper:

  1. Is it reasonable to lower the legal drinking age in the country to 18 years?
  2. The use of animals in sports and entertainment contravenes the rights of animals, and is tantamount to the abuse of the rights of the animals. Should this be banned?
  3. In line with the security concerns in the world should pilots be allowed to carry arms for protective purposes?
  4. Beauty pageants and contests have in the recent past brought a sharp criticism on society. Is it time to do away with them or should the structure of these pageants be redesigned?
  5. Is the government doing enough to improve the existing infrastructure, or adding on to the already existing infrastructure?
  6. Children and war: are countries doing enough to protect children from becoming war soldiers?
  7. The refugee crisis: where do we draw the line between helping refugees and locking them away from the country?
  8. Is deportation an appropriate means of dealing with fugitives, or is it just a means of transferring responsibility and blame from one country to the other?
  9. The role of the International Criminal Court in establishing world peace and championing for human rights. Is the ICC still credible?
  10. The rise of China as a superpower. Is China a threat to the preexisting world powers, or can China be handled appropriately?
  11. State control over resources
  12. The North Korea debate. Are we allies or foes?
  13. The cause for dumping in developing countries. Who should shoulder the blame?
  14. Global warming, and the consequences thereof
  15. The effects of the world financial crisis, and lessons learnt
  16. Terrorism and anti-terrorism measures
  17. Sharing the spoils of war – why oil rich countries hardly ever enjoy peace and stability
  18. Environmental degradation and how to reverse the changes
  19. Evolution of the ecosystem in light of human activities
  20. The rise of female heads of state and the challenges they face
  21. The challenge of child labor
  22. Seeking asylum for crimes against the state
  23. The rise and rights of the gay and lesbian community
  24. International tourism and the evils thereof
  25. The rise and power of social media

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