Writing Tips: Funny Persuasive Essay Topics to Use

The world is a tough place these days, so any opportunity to have a go at humor is always welcome. If you know how to do it right, putting some humor into an essay is a tactful way to keep your reader engaged and interested in your topic. There are very few topics considered taboo or untouchable when it comes to making a joke, however, if you find yourself saying, “What, too soon?” to an audience of shocked and angry faces, you know it actually is too soon.

Bearing that in mind, anything except school shootings and animal abuse can be fodder for a light or satirical essay. Here are a few options that should easily come to mind.

State of the World

  • Anyone with a finger on the pulse of society can attest to and find examples of absurdity in daily life.
  • Observe the people and circumstances surrounding you. It shouldn’t be hard to find situations of frustration and lack of common sense present in your everyday life.

This isn’t comedy, and you probably are not that funny, so it helps if you omit any delusions of grandeur. This is an essay, so it still needs to be treated as such. Consider being funny as a style, much like any other form you are instructed or advised to use. It can help to lighten up what is traditionally a very dry form of persuasion, speaking of which…

Let’s check out your form

  • Will you be using a dry, wry, or monotone tone?
  • Are you more comfortable incorporating dialogue or describing interaction with others to get your point across?
  • Comparing and contrasting conflicting ideas from your own point of view is also a great way to make your essay unique.

Just like any other style, being funny or humorous has a purpose; it is not being funny for the sake of being funny. Your inspiration for writing this piece in a humorous tone has to be motivated by something, something typically referred to as an anecdote. By using an anecdote, you show the reader why you felt compelled to write about the topic, how this example relates to feelings they may have, and use that influence to persuade them into agreeing with or at least acknowledging your point and appreciate how you brought them to your conclusion. Just be sure to turn your microphone off.


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