Academic Writing Ideas: What Are Possible Informative Essay Topics?

Academic writing is written by and for your peers. When you are considering a topic, you need to consider this fact. You should also consider what the hot button topics are at the time you are writing the paper. If you don’t want to write on current events, you can also write on something in your field of study. The best topic is probably something you are quite informed about. The more information there is available on the topic you choose, the better your essay will be. Whatever reason you choose your topic, remember you are writing to your peers and you want to give them something they don’t know. Here are some possible informative essay topics:

  1. Terrorism: Which is worse- domestic or foreign?
  2. Medical breakthroughs: Should we use animals to test?
  3. Marijuana: Should it be legalized for everyone?
  4. Airport Security: Are pat-downs constitutional?
  5. Do professional sports athletes make good role models?
  6. Should we still spend money on space exploration?
  7. Children and electronics? Should we turn off the electronics?
  8. Should abortion be legalized?
  9. 911: Have our children been traumatized?
  10. Does abuse breed abuse? Can we break the cycle?

I have listed just a few topics. Again, when you are choosing a topic, pick something you are emotional about. If you have some emotion, you will tend to research more and spend more time on the paper. You want to convey your feeling to your peers and make them think the way you think. Hopefully, you can teach them something about the topic they wasn’t aware of. Usually, you want to create some kind of reaction in your reader. You want them to think about what you have read. You want to stimulate further conversation or debate on your theme.

Academic writing papers are designed to spark more discussion among your peers. I can visualize students sitting around the room all reading a paper and then have a healthy debate about what was just learned. I am sure this is the way many breakthroughs in all areas of knowledge may have happened. Just think; your academic paper can be the beginning of a big scientific discovery. Every time you write a paper, keep that in mind. You never know when your paper can be the next best thing!


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