List Of The Most Interesting Essay Topics On Heart Of Darkness

You can get immediate help whenever you need it, if you need to write a paper on the Heart of Darkness. There are so many people who have in the recent past come to study this work. It is an incredible work of literature, and should you get the chance to work on it, you need to be really keen on how you present your arguments for this task.

With some interesting essay topics, you will not have much to worry about as you address this work of literature. The following are some good ideas that you can work around:

Discuss the case of imperialism in Heart of Darkness

  • Explain how the writer managed to bring out the concept of a metamorphosis in Heart of Darkness
  • Discuss how the characters used in Heart of Darkness managed to effectively bring out the concept of light and darkness
  • Criticize the work of John Conrad in Heart of Darkness, and highlight certain areas where a different perspective would have sufficed
  • Explain how imagery has been used in Heart of Darkness, and discuss the success or failure to which this element has been applied in this work of literature
  • Discuss how allegory comes into play when you are reading Heart of Darkness. Explain its importance and how effective it has been in progressing the overall theme of the book
  • How does the writer use the theme of darkness throughout Heart of Darkness? Discuss certain areas where this would have been done differently, and propose possible alternative scenarios
  • Explain how racism has been addressed in Heart of Darkness.
  • At the moment the world is reeling from an unfortunate tide of racism. Discuss how lessons learned from Heart of Darkness can be applied to the current situation, and how this would affect certain outcomes
  • Prejudice prevails in so many sectors of the economy. Basing your statements and arguments on Heart of
  • Darkness, discuss the possible lessons that we can learn from this book
  • Explain how author bias is evident in this work, and discuss how this could have been avoided throughout the plot of Heart of Darkness
  • Colonialism is one of the most lurid forms of cruelty. Using Heart of Darkness as a base for your discussion, explain this statement
  • Discuss how cultural collisions in Heart of Darkness might have sent the plot a different way

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