Good Essay Topics In Psychology; A List Of Unique Questions

Psychology is one of the widest and most complex fields of knowledge to pursue. However, it’s one of the fields of science with so much potential and is always versatile as the human mind is very versatile itself. At times you might find yourself in the need to write an essay about a field or the idea that pertains to the subject. The search for manageable topics can be quite challenging and as such the following are some of the examples you can consider on the various categories that this subject has:

General topics

Choosing an essay topic from this section can be quite tricky. This is due to the fact that it’s quite broad in terms of content. The best way to choose a topic from this is by choosing one of the sections and, slowly trimming down your topic to one specific section. Some of the topics can be about:

  • Involvement of psychologists in military questioning procedures
  • Parity in mental health care
  • Essay on a certain psychological experiment in a place such as a prison or somewhere else.

Abnormal psychology

This section deals with the study of any abnormal mental activity. The prompts you can choose from this section can be of anything that may cause or be caused by malfunction of the mental entity in an individual. Some of the prompts include:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Antisocial personality disorder
  • Phobia cause and effects
  • Eating disorder effects and cure

Development psychology

This segment of the subject is about the whole life of an individual. It covers the whole part between conception and death. As such, there are so many essay prompts you can get from this section. Some may include:

  • Bullying
  • Child abuse
  • Different gender role in society
  • Parenting styles and effects on children
  • The aging process

Social psychological

This section of study involves the study of people in the society. It encompasses the behavior of people in terms of interaction with others. The prompts in this section can include the following:

  • Attitude change and development
  • Leadership
  • Social cognition of individuals
  • Love, romance and their perception by different people
  • Social prejudice and its effect on an individual
  • Social perception of cults and their effect on society

With all the above sections expounded for you, you can now easily choose a section and then specialize in a certain aspect of that story.


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