Writing A Brilliant Exploratory Essay A Quick Guide For Dummies

Well, unlike other essay, the purpose of an exploratory essay is, as the name already clearly states it, to explore a subject. This kind of pieces, unlike others, instead of giving a position to defend, will give you a subject. You have to gather information on that issue, and explore the answers to some questions that will be raised in the process. It's not your primary purpose to answer those questions tho, that is just like a side effect, you just have to inform the reader on that matter and the draw the conclusion from that point on.

  • The topic. Choose this one carefully. It has to be something you are interested in, something you are sort of good at so you can write with ease about it. If you are in the position of choosing, try to do it with a certain set of criteria in mind.
  • The Introduction. This has to answer three big questions: What am I reading? Why? And lastly why should I keep on reading? Try to answer these three issues in this part.
  • The context. You should set this firstly, provide some general info about the central idea, so the reader knows what's up. And he can make some sense of the topic.
  • Explain why it's important. Now that the readers know what you are presenting, explain why is it of any importance. Try to "grab him" in this part, so that he is interested, and he keeps on reading. How does this impact his life any way shape or form?
  • Questions. Now state some questions that you want to find the answer to in this essay. Try to explain what you are attempting to discover in the process of analyzing that particular subject, this way the reader knows what you are attempting to do and will want to see if you succeed or not, and whether or not he likes what you have discovered.
  • Now that you have presented everything try to explore a little bit and answer those questions. View the subject from multiple perspectives, and choose the best one to express yourself.
  • And finally, the conclusion. State your discoveries again, and explain why you think your findings are significant and accurate (or not, depending on the case). Make the reader understand why he has to do something about what you have been writing.

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