How To Write A Powerful Conclusion For A Synthesis Essay: Basic Points

A synthesis essay is one of the most interesting types of academic papers to write. The main challenge with these papers comes from the fact that you have to combine different ideas from several sources and then come up with a logical conclusion of your own. Note that idea does not mean opinion but is rather facts that have been followed up with extensive research and can be proven.

The main challenge with synthesis essays is that at times, you will be forced to find correlation and harmony between ideas that could be conflicting. The conclusion of a synthesis paper is of course the part where you will have to create harmony among the different ideas. Here are tips that will help you write a great conclusion.

The importance of the body content

A good synthesis essay is guided by 3 main pillars:

  • Accuracy
  • Organization
  • Interpretation

You will need accuracy when you are writing down the different ideas that make up the essay’s points of argument. This means that you cannot simply write down ideas whose factual consistency can be disputed. Take time and confirm that the points you are giving are actually proven. If there are factual errors in the content, the conclusion will also be fallacious.

Organization of ideas in the main body will also affect the quality of the conclusion. Take time and make sure that the ideas that you are expressing have been laid out in a logical way. Do not mix up ideas as this will confuse the reader and yourself and affect the quality of conclusion.

The conclusion itself

The manner in which you interpret the ideas of the synthesis essay determines the sensibility of the conclusion. Try and be as objective as possible when figuring out the evidence that supports the different claims. This will help you arrive at a conclusion that is logical. In case you are having problems making logical interpretations of the ideas presented, find someone that can assist you in making sense of every aspect of your paper. This way, you will avoid a subjective and narrow minded approach to the conclusion.

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