A Helpful Tutorial for Students: How to Write Essays Faster

Students often have to write essays. If you do not have strong writing skills, it may take lots of time and effort to complete one on time. In most cases, you can get twice as much work done if you can write faster. Therefore, it makes sense to learn how it is possible to write papers faster, while maintaining their qualities. The helpful methods below can help you achieve this.

  1. It is better to complete the first draft as quickly as possible without paying attention to its quality. It does not matter what kind of essay you are working on. This is not the right time to demonstrate your perfectionism; you should just do it. Many students write slowly because they often go back and change sentences, correct misprints, or check grammar. However, this is pointless, as you waste your time and start believing that your draft is a bad one. It is better to give yourself the freedom to create it rapidly. It is easier to edit the whole piece of writing when you are engaged with the material and understand that you have actually completed your essay.
  2. Students always write faster if they have their notes with them; a good outline also helps a lot. When you see a list of essay paragraphs on your computer screen, you tend to work faster, as a blank document demotivates you more than you can imagine. Besides, you will not lose track of your thoughts.
  3. Every individual writes faster if he or she has a strict deadline. Therefore, it is reasonable to set a timer for ten minutes, for example, and later check how much you can write before it goes off. Your brain can focus amazingly when accepting a challenge, so you will demonstrate a better performance this way. This is called the “end effect,” and it is often used by professional writers.
  4. Planning makes a difference; do not hesitate to plan all the activities you need to complete in order to write a good essay. The best advice is to do your studying and preparation separately from the writing itself. You slow everything down and waste precious time when you stop writing and start looking for evidence, facts, or quotes. Collect and read the material before you start writing, and have everything on hand.
  5. You should turn off all possible distractions; otherwise, you will have trouble staying focused. It only takes several seconds to write a message to your friend, but you lose track of your thought process when you turn your attention away from the essay.

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