Where to Get a Perfect Essay Example for Free?

Finding the perfect essay example, is not always easy, but most of the time, they can be found for free. And many times, they are already included, in the books the student has with them. But they may not always be the style the student is looking for. Because the perfect sample of an essay, is not only an essay, but the type, and in the format, the student needs to write. So the question is where to find a perfect essay example for free? This is what we will cover in this tutorial.

  1. Schools
  2. Books/Textbooks
  3. Journals


Many schools have their websites, especially Colleges and Universities, but also High Schools. They will have perfect essays written by previous students, for new students to use as a guide to help them see how an essay is meant to be written. In many Colleges and Universities, some of the instructors will keep copies of perfect essays. These are given to students that are having a hard time, as a guide to help them. Asking the instructor may just get a student an excellent example for free to use.


Three books every student should have with them, as they had to buy them for the semester anyways; two will be used throughout the student’s time in school, will have perfect examples in them. These may or may not always be what the student needs, but they are always the best first place to look. After that, going to the library will be a great place to find perfect examples. Anthologies of essays, written by professionals, will be an excellent help to any student. Also, there are books on writing essays, that will have many types of styles, types, and topics that can show the students how to work the essay they are working on.


A student may already be getting a professional journal delivered to them. Most professional Journals have a guest writer from that field write an essay for them. These can also be of superior help as well. Although most will be written in MLA, some are also written in other styles as well. And the types can vary with the topic and the journal they are composed for. Even some general information magazines will have the same thing, where an expert in a field related to the magazine will pen an essay for them.


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