A List Of Interesting 9th Grade Narrative Essay Topics

In the early years of secondary school, work will become tedious or at least it feels boring. Students will start to think it is unnecessary to work and it is certainly not ideal. It is rather vital to keep the students entertained and interested in working and hence teachers should be thinking of some engaging essays for the students to work on. Starting with narrative essays would be a good idea. These are relatively easy to work on, but it is also beneficial to the student, in the sense where they can improve their writing abilities and also their grammatical capabilities.

Obviously, it may be difficult sometimes for teachers to think of new topics for the students to work on and that is completely normal. Here are a few topics that are interesting and will certainly be able to keep the students engaged.


Any topics that are related to history should keep most students happy. It requires a lot of research but it is also very interesting, as it allows students to understand and learn from the past. It is actually difficult to make this topic boring! However, to cope with the needs of different students, it is actually recommended that you should choose from different point of views – some topics should focus on war, whilst other should be on culture. Any combinations would work though.


Although science is rather difficult and may be complicated for students to understand at the ninth grade, it is actually a challenging task that would keep them interested. Of course, the difficulty needs to be fair or else you would simple demotivate students. It is recommended that you do some research first and find out what topics suit your students best.

School life

People can always relate to themselves and students are no different. If your narrative essay is based on their school life and you ask them to do this assignment, they will be more than happy and will love doing great on it. It really is a win-win situation for both teachers and students. This topic should be prioritised over other topics.


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