A List Of Fresh Imaginative Essay Topics For College Students

By the time a student has entered college, he or she has most likely written hundreds of essays for various classes. This can make the prospect of attempting even more of them a bit daunting.

Luckily for college age students, there is more freedom to select an essay topic that reflects their character or imagination. This can be accomplished through the following:

  • Reading science fiction and fantasy novels
  • These are full of ideas that you can incorporate into an essay. You need not follow the author’s explanations; feel free to come up with your own. You may also find that you start writing your own short stories in your spare time.

  • Read science journals
  • If you are not familiar with the jargon these can be a bit harder to digest but they are well worth it. Scientists have discovered many things over the past few decades that a good writer could spin into a fascinating essay topic.

  • Discuss your ideas with other students
  • You may have an amazing idea but only be able to develop it through conversation with other people. Let their experiences and knowledge blend with your own to create a more interesting concept than you might have been able to get to in isolation.

Bearing all of the above tips in mind, you could end up compiling a list of topics similar to this:

  1. Can suffering be reduced worldwide by simultaneous meditation on positive energy?
  2. Housing: A basic need or a much more malleable concept than usually admitted?
  3. Modernization versus Health: How the capitalist system encourages the sedentary lifestyles that prop up a dangerous pharmaceutical industry
  4. Social Media and Self Esteem: How the constant need for self promotion creates a heightened desire for public approval
  5. Voluntary sterilization: The growing trend of choosing to be childless
  6. Artificial Intelligence: A solution to our problems or a new problem all on its own?
  7. Bearing in mind the results of terrestrial encounters with more advanced civilizations, should we try to contact extraterrestrial entities?
  8. Why five: A scientific inquiry into the number or fingers and toes humans evolved
  9. To what extent have artists begun to blur the line from the revolutionary into the fraudulent?
  10. What levels of body modification have become acceptable in the business attire of the average workplace?

These would all be a joy to both research and write. If you do well enough, you might even inspire others.


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