A Manual for Selecting Suitable Informative Essay Topics

Success in the journey towards an interesting informative essay begins at the topic. To produce the best quality paper, you must research and be very analytical. The title makes a reader curious or may make him uninterested in reading your work. It must therefore indicate something new and fresh which is unknown to the reader.

How do you select a suitable topic?

Every topic must be unique and should give an impression of something interesting in the paper. Here are a number of steps to follow:-

  1. Define your audience
  2. The target of your essay must go beyond the tutor. While the essays are written for academic purposes, they address issues that in the real world. Some are used for peer review while others are published in journals for a wider audience. Consider the industry and people who could be interested in the information you are giving. Identify the manner in which they would like this information to be presented. By identifying their likes and dislikes, you will have captured their attention to ready up to the last page.

  3. Brainstorm on an interesting subject
  4. Make a list of topics that are of interest to you. You are advised to avoid common topics that have been making headlines in all press outlets. They lack originality and will not capture the attention of your reader. Narrow down the ideas you have written down and select the best for discussion.

  5. Evaluate each topic thoroughly
  6. An informative essay requires a different angle from what is known. Providing information that is already available to the public does not make it informative. Your point of view must elicit curiosity. The evidence you are ready to present must be fresh and eye opening. This is what makes your work informative. It would be interesting to present normal subjects like politics and sports but give it an angle that sheds light to an aspect that is not well known. The idea is to offer a piece of information that is not known.

  7. Do not choose a topic because your instructor will like it
  8. The topic chosen must indicate genuine interest in the subject. It also must be engaging and elicit genuine interest. Consider choosing a subject that you are passionate about. It gives you the motivation to reveal issues and areas that you think have been neglected. The words used to construct the title must indicate a fresh approach in your writing.


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